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Rules of WarBearsfans. Empty Rules of WarBearsfans.

Post  Fredrik on Fri May 22, 2009 4:07 am


1# No spamming (repeating words or letters over, over agian OR no "SHOUTING", don't use caps if not needed).

2# No swearing/bad words, this will lead to a warning or ban.

3# No flaming or abusing other users.

4# No "back seat moderators", don't try to do the work of the moderators, they can handle it.

5# Posting pornographic or offensive text, images, links, is NOT tolerated and will lead to a warning.

6# The rules also count in PM, abusing the PM will lead to a warning.

7# Posting a topic which isn't really needed will get deleted or locked.

8# If you try to increase your post count with posting things like "Lololol", etc.
Try posting only NEEDED things, things like "That's a good idea, but it could be better because....." You can post like this if you HAVE to. [offtopic]"Insert what you want to write"[offtopic]

9# No double posting.

10# Only one profile per user, it will lead to a ban with more profiles.


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